Robert C Burnham


God, grant me this day to do as I should

To watch over my children as a good mother would

To keep them from harm and show them I care

To be there to comfort and to chase away fear

To teach them to play and to laugh right out loud

To teach them to stand tall under darkened clouds

To love them and hold them as only I can

To show them I am proud to be their mother and friend

To walk with them - to stop with them - smell the flowers so dear

To stand beside them, to guide them, to keep them forever near

To talk with them and to listen to what they have to say

To make them understand that my love will never stray


God, grant me this evening to do what is right

To kneel with my children as I bid them goodnight

To show them my love is still there while they sleep

To tell them about you and that we're all yours to keep

To answer their questions most honest and true

To give them the knowledge that will see them through

To provide one final hug as they lay down to sleep

To remain strong in their eyes so they need not weep

To kiss their soft faces and to sing them a song

To leave them no doubt that with me they belong

To count each one a blessing when the day is done

I guess what I am praying is to let me be their Mom

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