Robert C Burnham


On bended knee you placed my name

Before the Throne of God without any shame

And although I lived troubled and wild

You asked the Lord to remember me, His child


On bended knee my life was spared

The words you whispered for Jesus to hear

Because of your faith, He rewarded thee

Lifting me up from your bended knee


You pleaded my case though it was riddled in sin

Lost in my darkness with no way to win

But on the wings of cherubim your words got through

And now I walk in the Light, grateful to you


On bended knee you offered many prayers

Interceding for me with your love and tears

Your unconditional love reflecting the Lord's own

You brought me to Jesus and Jesus brought me home


On bended knee you gave thanks for my life

Praising the Lord for opening my sight

Even as I thought I had wandered too far away

You never gave up, but knelt low and prayed


Then God reached down His merciful hand

And placed my soul back into His perfect plan

"My child," He said, "You now belong to me

Your loving friends stood up for you, on bended knee!"


Then, on bended knee, I fell down

My tears of joy flowing all around

No more would I be a lost troubled soul

This wayward sheep was back in the fold.


On bended knee, now I too go to pray

Always thanking the Father for that special day

I pray it is His will, that like you I will be

Praying for a lost soul, upon bended knee.

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